"Jet City Improv has it's *&%@ together."

-The Stranger

Kate Jaeger

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Kate has been with Jet City Improv since February of 2004. Kate graduated with degrees in Theatre and Communications from Whitworth College in Spokane, WA. Kate has been seen in many Jet City Improv Presents shows including Funbucket, Lovetanic, Go Tigers!, Lease: Seattle's Own Rock Opera, The Irish Wake, Cut!, Reality World, and The Saturday Morning Cartoon Show. Kate is active in the Seattle theater community as an actor, director and teacher.

San Diego, CA & Colorado Springs, CO
Joined Jet City:
February, 2004
Favorite movie:
Wet Hot American Summer
Favorite book:
the Harry Potter series
Favorite Food:
Favorite CD/album:
I have super eclectic taste in music
Favorite Improv Game:
Rock Opera, Sing-It, Jam
Favorite Seattle Spot:
Seattle Center
Personal Hero:
Tina Fey and Catherine O'Hara
Favorite Quote:
"I am a poster girl with no poster/I am 32 flavors and then some." - Ani Difranco

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