"Jet City Improv has it's *&%@ together."

-The Stranger

Kyle Kizzier

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Kyle forged his performance skills in the improv Mecca of Chicago. He performed professionally for ComedySportz O'Chicago on the home team, as well as regional and international tours. Eventually he became the group's Artistic Director. In addition to ComedySportz, Kyle's Chicago resume also lists a variety of other improv troupes that, quite frankly, you've probably never heard of. (However, if you buy him a beer, he'll be happy to bore you with stories that start with, "Well, when I was in Chicago...") In the great Improv Battles of 1990's, Kyle chewed, clawed and "yes anded" through the bodies of other improvisers. When the dust settled, he declared where he was to be the top, and retired from professional Theatre.

In 1995, Kyle moved to Seattle where his old college pal Mike Christensen had recently formed Jet City Improv. Kyle joined and has served not only as a performer, but also as a trainer and coach. Currently he trains the newly hired performers, prior to their J.C.I. debut. Kyle has also performed with Twisted Flicks, including the series debut in October of 1997. In 2003, Kyle joined with Andrew McMasters and fellow Chicago ComedySportz alum Phil Arensberg to create Jet City Improvís first true, long-form improvised play Ė The Lost Folio. In 2007 he created The Irish Wake, after a long beer-fueled bar-room conversation with Jet City Alumni Matt Owens.

Despite the occasional side project, Kyle still considers Jet City Improv his "Home," and considers it to be "One of the most talented groups of performers and improvisers Iíve ever seen. Iím proud to be a part of it."

Kearney, NE
Joined Jet City:
May, 1995
Favorite movie:
Star Wars
Favorite book:
Depends on my mood. Favorite authors are Neal Stephenson and Stephen Brust
Favorite Food:
Red meat
Favorite CD/album:
The Drovers' "World of Monsters"
Favorite Improv Game:
Favorite Seattle Spot:
Anywhere that's quiet and gives me a view of the Sound.
Personal Hero:
My Dad, of course. But a close runner up would be the 13th century legend Sir William Wallace
Favorite Quote:
"All that is necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing." -- Edmund Burke (1729-97), Irish-born British politician, writer

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