Twisted Flicks is America's only fully improvised movie re-dubbing show now in the 15th year of entertaining audiences.

It can be seen on the last Thursday, Friday and Saturday of every month at 8:00pm (see calendar) at Jet City Improv (5510 University Way NE, Seattle - map).

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Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959)

July 26 [One Night Only!] @ 8:00

Ed Wood's masterpiece, featuring pie tins on wires!

What is a Twisted Flick?

Twisted Flicks (from the creators of Jet City Improv) is a movie experience like none other! A combination of live improv and great old "B" movies, this comedy experience is a unique and original production you can only see here!

A classic, cheesy "B" movie is shown on our full-sized, in-house movie screen without its original sound.

The original Plan 9 from Outer Space trailer (un-twisted)

The Flick team of professional improvisers sits in the front row and creates all new dialog, sound effects and music live - all based on suggestions from that night's audience.

Each night, the picture may be the same, but the movie is completely different. The show is fun, fast-paced, funny and suitable for all ages.

Jet City Improv: 5510 University Way NE / Seattle, WA

Performance Clip

Here's a clip of a LIVE performance capture of a recent Flick ("Santa Claus Conquers the Martians")

Check out more Flick clips on our video page.